Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


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            There is lots of good info out there on how we can mitigate our negative impact on our world around us.


This page will serve as a resource guide and list of suggestions of things we can do individually in our daily lives, as well as larger efforts our community can make to lighten the load we put on our home planet.

            It will also compile info that may be useful towards this effort.


For now, some random smatterings of such info, and reminders of things to discuss or elaborate on, as time permits:



*  If you have a store, business or any kind of convenient place for people to drop off their dead disposable batteries, AFA will try to arrange with you to either pick them up and take them to a proper recycling area OR if you don’t mind taking the batteries in, AFA will help find the closest recycling facility for you to take them to.

*  Brita™ filters are #4 recyclable plastic on the outside, and nothing but ground up coconut shells on the inside (so says Lindsay at Brita’s customer support phone line)

*  City of San Diego ESD (Environmental Services Dept) says they’ll recycle most plastic bottles, but not the plastic caps that come with them.  The caps are to be thrown away in the regular trash.

*  Stay tuned for more of these, and feel free to email some that you already know to tedc (at)



*  disposable batteries  (where to recycle them)

*  electric vehicles (which reduce our society’s consumption of gas)

*  and much, much more…..


Give Your Sole:  Donate your moderately worn athletic shoes, to be provided to the less fortunate.


Wow, AFA finally found a couple places to take used batteries (for easy and convenient recycling).

AFA has been on the lookout in San Diego for where to take "disposable" batteries, other than the not-so-convenient by-appointment-only visit to the Mira Mesa area waste disposal site, and here it is!  A select few businesses (Home Depot, Lowes) will take your rechargable batteries for free, since they can then extract some of the contents to sell as recyclable raw materials, but these companies will take your "disposable" batteries (the very NOT-disposable and very toxic batteries we use so often, like alkaline AAs, AAAs, D-cells) for you, for a very small fee  --  no appointment necessary :-)

Batteries Plus (nationwide)
This company sells batteries for various types of items (phones, motorcycles, cameras, laptops, tools, cars, etc), but they also take your "disposable" batteries from you to recycle!  They'll take the first pound from you for free, then each add'l pound will cost you a whole one dollar per pound!  See their to find location near you :-)

One Earth Recycling (San Diego)
This San Diego company recyles lots of things, including "disposable" batteries:  One Earth Recycling (  They charge only $0.25 (25 cents) per pound.

Wouldn't it be great if local municipalites (i.e. City or County gov't's) distributed collection bins around the city or county, for people to drop their batteries into - even if a dropoff fee attached - then those bins would be collected and brought to "the dump" every now and then?  Of course (to briefly editorialize), with us taxpayers giving so many of our dollars to gov't to build weapons and ammunition, "police" the world, occupy foreign soil, imprison marijuana smokers and pay farmers to destroy perfectly good food, hardly any dimes left over to pay toward local taxes to fund something like making battery recycling/proper disposal easier.

AFA would LOVE to administer such a plan, which can only happen if funding and AFA staffing for such an endeavor ever takes place.  Until then, it is great to see Batteries Plus around the nation, and the recent emergence of One Earth Recycling in San Diego, and hopes that more people become aware of these places.  Otherwise, think about allll the batteries we throw away from flashlights, smoke detectors, shavers, etc.  Glad to see an easier way to keep all those batteries out of the landfills.




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