What does AFA need or want?


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*  Webpage designer:  You see how this site is now.  Obviously no real webpage designer involved.  Can you design a new & improved AFA website?  Did you see the rest of this site?  It really needs some simple re-design/re-organization.


*  Logo:  Got an idea, a design?  Send it in!


*  Donations:   Money - it always (or at least often) seems to come down to that.  We’re not going to get every service, resource and item donated for free – so if you want to donate money, it would be greatly appreciated, and utilized frugally.


*  Your available resources.  Do you have knowledge, experience, tools, advice or any other valuable resources that you’d like to share with those who otherwise have difficulty accessing such things?  Anything that would help with any of the AFA projects?  If so, speak up!




If you can offer any of the above, please contact tedc (at) allforall.us




                        <  WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION  >

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