Matching those with resources to those with need


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This page aims to be a matchmaking list of sorts.


If you have something that you’d like to offer to those in need, you can tell AFA, and we’ll then list it here.

If there is something you need of, tell AFA, and we’ll list it here.

            Depending on your preference, the listing will either instruct those who reply to contact you, or to contact AFA about it.


Example scenario #1:

*          There is a windmill company, selling windmills to people and companies, so that they may harvest their own clean, renewable & cost-free energy to convert to electricity.  This is a company that would like to offer free or discount windmills to schools, especially schools with the most limited budget/financing, and also to remote villages in the world with no access to electricity.

*          There is a 6th grade science teacher in a low-income part of town whose subject matter includes how electricity works and alternative energy sources available in the world.  This teacher would love to have some solar panel(s) or windmill(s) at her school that her students could have hands-on access to, to better learn how the sun or wind energy is converted to electricity, and to track the energy consumption that the device allows.  However, their school just can’t afford to buy such devices.

*          Somebody just got back from a trip to Africa, and encountered a rural area where a lot of people live, but it is far away from the electrical grid of urban life.  The people of this very small town have to walk miles every day just for fresh water, but they have an aquifer and the components of a well that requires electricity to run.  So, they could really use some self-sufficient source of power generation


RESULT:         If the windmill company listed its offer at this site, and then the teacher listed her need and/or the traveler listed the small town’s need, then when the other one came looking, it would see a fit, and the delivery of a socially beneficial resource could ensue.



Example scenario #2:

*          An organic CSA (“Community Supported Agriculture”) garden needs manure for fertilization (as opposed to chemical fertilizer, because they’re organic).

*          A dairy farm has loads of manure that it regularly has to pay employees to remove, to maintain health of their dairy cattle.


RESULT:         If the garden lists their need for manure and/or the farm lists their surplus, and the farm or the garden sees the other one’s listing, the delivery of a socially beneficial resource could ensue.



Example scenario #3:

*          A husband and wife are a professional tax advisor and a holistic health practitioner, respectively.  They both recognize that many people simply can’t afford the type of services they provide.  They decide that they’d like to offer occasional free seminars on tax-saving tips and holistic pre-natal care, to lower income areas, but they have nowhere to do it.

*          There is a warehouse in a low-income neighborhood, which is run as a photo studio and performance venue.  The owner of the warehouse would like the space to be available for the good of the community when it is not busy with revenue-generating work.


RESULT:         If the tax and health advisors list their offer to advise, and the warehouse owner offers his space for community benefit, then AFA may see this serendipitous fit, introduce the parties to each other, and then the delivery of a socially beneficial resource could ensue.



SO –




            HERE, I’LL GO FIRST:



Web page designer:     The All for All Foundation is a charitable organization that needs someone to design their website.  See the  Needs section for more information.

Clothes, toiletries, etc:     Stand Up For Kids ( helps homeless children who often live on the streets.  See the News/Updates section for more info.





            Are you a non-profit organization who needs an event or project visually-documented?  If so, take a look at my, and if you’d like me to help, contact me.  If I have the time, maybe I’ll do it for you for free!



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