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Do you want to help?

Do you need help?

If you answer yes to either of these questions, you may have come to the right place!


Kind of a nice notion -- this website started as a plain & simple text document.

First, as just a great idea; then, as time, funding & effort allows, organically it grows.…


As needs present themselves, if All For All can address those needs,

then hopefully this website will reflect that.



What is All For All?


“All For All” is short for “The All For All Foundation” –   “AFA” is even shorter (to be MTV-short-attention-span about it).


AFA is a charitable organization that:

*   promotes tolerance, awareness, kindness, compassion & self-empowerment to all peoples of the world, and it strives to improve the quality of life and increase the happiness of all peoples.

*   acts as a conduit - delivering, or helping facilitate the delivery of, socially beneficial resources (i.e. services, knowledge/information, tangible goods) to those who in need of such resources and/or services.

*   utilizes a variety of tools, including education, training, entertainment, the arts, and more, to achieve its goals.


Ted Coakley III founded AFA in 2005, in the hope of using the tools, contacts, knowledge and skills at his disposal to address & help solve many problems found throughout the world.



Is AFA a 501(c)3?


No it is not - so any financial contributions made directly to AFA are not tax-deductible.

However there are 501(c)3s who are willing to be Fiscal Sponsors of AFA.  What this means is that if AFA has a project that fits the mission statement of a 501(c)3 company, then one can make a tax-deductible contribution to that company, who will then turn and fund AFA's project with that donation.  Often, Fiscal Sponsors keep a small percentage of that donation to cover their administrative costs of doing the Sponsorship.



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