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If any of the following, please email tedc (at), (but replace the “(at)” with “@”):


*          You know of or have need(s) with which All For All might be able to help.

*          To help All For All with any of its needs or projects.

*          You have any questions, comments or suggestions for All for All, or for this website.

*          You don’t to make sure your included on All For All email notices.


NOTE:  Throughout this site, the contact  email addresses say “(at)” instead of “@”.  This is to help evade Spam robots that scan webpages looking for email addresses.  Once this site gets designed with the technology/functionality to prevent that, then I suppose the email addresses will appear normal, with “@”.


This site also aims to get RSS-enabled, as well as maintain email distribution lists, tailored such that recipients only receive info on topics they’ve selected (i.e. News/Updates, recycling info, or project announcements).  As of now, I fumble through designing this page on Microsoft Word…..





                        <  WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION  >

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