Thanks.  Gracias.  Tak.  Obrigato.  Grazie.  Arigato.  Kop-khun.  Tessekur.  Toda Raba.


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Okay, up until now, AFA has been a mostly solo effort, BUT it looks forward to this page listing the many people who will collaborate with AFA and/or contribute to AFA efforts.


Well, there is at least one thanks that can be listed now……





*  YOU, for taking the time to look at!

*  Adriana R. for the “Toda Raba” addition to this page.

*          we’ll see!




NOTE:  if you have contributed to or collaborated with AFA, please let me know/remind me!!!

NOTE:  if you have any other ways/languages in which to say “thanks”, let me know.  I just started with the ones I knew off the top of my head.



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